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I am not responsible for any bans that happen on servers outside of .net. If you plan to use any of these without asking the support system of your local region TW, then you won't be able to hold me accountable for potentionally getting banned. If you do make a ticket and get it approved in your region, feel free to let me know through any of the contact methods at the bottom of every page!

Warehouse balancer

Res sender

Mass scavenging

Mass scavenging overview

Tribe leader only
Member troop counter

Dynamic fake script

Mass timed fake finder

Barbarian radius grab for c-farming

Backtime finder

Backline packets counter

Support filter

Tribal stats

Beginner protection finder

Resource request from HQ

Construction time left

(Ft. tcamps)

Village notes overview

Mass noble decommissioning

Resources calculator

Nightbonus on map tooltip

Bonus barb finder

Flag farm log

PP log overview

Scavenging script

Watchtower plotter