Frequently Asked Questions

Do you make script for payment?

No, I do not. All the scripts I make end up as public scripts. I like the game and I want everyone to have the same capabilities. I don't want a specific player/set of players to have a possible distinct advantage through one of my scripts.

Do you program for a living

I do not. I work in retail. I only started programming for TW because I didn't enjoy how much of a drag Scavenging was. Since there were no scripts available at the time I tried making my own, and as I was making it better and better, I found my way into coding more and now make a lot of them.

How old are you

I'm from '93, so at the time of making this 26.

Can I make requests for new scripts?

Yes! My contact information is at the bottom. I do however not promise to actually make your request, often I will consider the possibilities/difficulty/legality, or how usefull the script actually would be to the entire playerbase. I do not change from this even when offered payment.

Can I donate to you somewhere?

I got asked this a lot over the past year and a half. I was hesitant cause I don't want to come over as a sellout or anything like that. People told me they want to to thank me for my time spent, so I did set up a donation link on this website. Donations are greatly appreciated, but never required, your words of appreciation and respect are enough to make me happy.

What is your real name?


Where are you from?


Can you help me on a script?

I don't mind helping people with their scripts, as long as there is no malicious intent. I won't help with any cheat development or anything along those lines.